Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Tick Tock Theory of INTEL

The theory that Intel using in their production of microprocessors is called the TICK TOCK thoery.
"Tick Tock" is a model adopted by chip manufacturer Intel Corporation since 2007 to follow every micro architectural change with a die shrink of the process technology. Every "tick" is a shrinking of process technology of the previous micro architecture and every "tock" is a new micro architecture Every year, there is expected to be one tick or tock.

The first architectural change was a "Die shrink" one.Presler, Cedar Mill, Yonah are the code names that were used for the first ones. On 5th of January 2006 these were launched into market as Pentium 4,D,M,Dual-Core and Celeron.

The final one in the line up is "tick" the one that was built to a die shrink in the architectural change of the "Tick Tock". The final one was a 22nm micro processor which was code named as "Ivy Bridge". This one was launched on 29th of April 2012.

The future of the concept will continue till 2021 when the 5nm processor will be produced by the Intel corporation as for their prediction.

Let's what what will happen to the silicon valley in future, as for now wait for you guys,

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